South Geelong, a suburb of Geelong.

South Geelong, Vic. 3220.

Interesting Facts about Sth Geelong in Victoria, Australia.

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South Geelong Vic 3220 – Interesting Facts

South Geelong is an inner southern suburb of Geelong and is located between the Geelong CBD and the Barwon River. It is also referred to as Geelong South. 

Naturally South Geelong is one of the oldest Geelong suburbs. The first house ever built in Geelong was also constructed in South Geelong.

A good portion of South Geelong is also industrial with some large companies such as Godfrey Hurst, Little Creatures Distillery all having large factories located in South Geelong.

Because it borders the northern side of the Barwon River, South Geelong is also home to recreational clubs and associations such as Rowing Clubs and also Landy Field Athletics Track. “Landy Field” as it is effectively known as is home to Geelong’s athletics clubs such as Guild Athletics. Every Saturday morning juniors can be seen competing as part of the Geelong Little Athletic Association competition. The adult and senior competitors compete during Saturday afternoon.

The Bellarine Rail Trail which extends for 32km’s to Queenscliff also begins in South Geelong.

South Geelong is also has “Kardinia Park” which of course is the home of  The Geelong Football Club.

The Postcode of South Geelong is 3220.

 According to the 2016 Australian Census, there 993 people said to be residing in the South Geelong area. Of these 52.2% were female and 47.8% were male. Aboriginal and or Torres Straight Islander people accounted for 1.1% of the South Geelong population.

South Geelong Vic 3220 Medium House Prices

( Prices as of October, 2017 )

South Geelong 3220 Median House Price: $480,000
South Geelong 3220 - 2br Median House Price Not Avalaible
South Geelong 3220 - 3br Median House Price $585,500
South Geelong 3220 - 4br Median House Price $Not Avaliable

Median Rental Prices South Geelong Vic. 3220

Average Rent in South Geelong Vic. 3220: $355 per week
Avg Rent for 2br Unit/House in South Geelong Vic. 3220 Not Available
Avg Rent for 3br Unit/House in South Geelong Vic. 3220 $420 per week
Avg Rent for 4br House in South Geelong Vic. 3220 Not Available

Facts About South Geelong, Vic. 3220.

People who live in South Geelong: 993
Male 47.8%
Female 52.2%
Median Age 35

Number of families living in South Geelong: 246
Average Children per family in South Geelong 1.7
Average People per Household in South Geelong 2.3

Residential House Information for South Geelong, Vic. 3220.

Number of Private Dwellings/Houses in South Geelong: 479
Average People per Household in South Geelong 2.3
Median Weekly Household Income in South Geelong $1,549
Median Monthly Mortgage in South Geelong $1,703
Median Weekly Rent in South Geelong $300
Occupied Private Dwellings in Sth Geelong: 400 88.3%
Unoccupied Private Dwellings 53 11.7%

Seperate Houses in Sth Geelong: 278 69.5%
Semi-detached, Terrace House, Townhouses in Sth Geelong: 122 30.5%
Apartments or Flats in Sth Geelong: 0 0%
Other Types of Dwellings in Sth Geelong: 0 0%

Number of 1br Dwelling/House in Sth Geelong: 18 4.5%
Number of 2br Dwelling/House in Sth Geelong: 141 35.2%
Number of 3br Dwelling/House in Sth Geelong: 168 41.9%
Number of 4+br Dwelling/House in Sth Geelong: 66 16.5%
Number of Bedrooms Not Stated Dwelling/House in Sth Geelong: 8 2%
Average Number of Bedrooms Per Dwelling/House in Sth Geelong: 2.8 --
Average Number of People Per Dwelling/House in Sth Geelong: 2.3 --

Dwellings/Houses Owned Outright in Sth Geelong: 101 25.2%
Dwellings/Houses Owned With Mortgage in Sth Geelong: 137 34.2%
Dwellings/Houses Rented in Sth Geelong: 156 38.9%
Other Types of Tenurs in Sth Geelong: 0 0%
Tenur Type Not Stated in Sth Geelong: 7 1.7%

Geelong Suburbs Surrounding Sth Geelong, Victoria.

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