Newtown, a suburb of Geelong.

Newtown, Vic. 3220.

Interesting Facts about Newtown in Victoria, Australia.

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Newtown Vic 3220 – Interesting Facts

Newtown is an inner suburb of Geelong which is located on the western side of Latrobe Terrace. Newtown sits atop the highest point of inner Geelong and is home to some of the most sought after and most expensive Geelong residential properties.

From 1858 to 1993 Newtown and Chilwell were a municipality. However with the formation of the City of Greater Geelong, they were amalgated with other municipalities in the Geelong region.

Newtown, Victoria postcode is 3220.

The Chilwell Post Office which opened on April Fools Day, 1912, was later closed in 1993. However the Bareena Post Office which was opened in 1911, still remains open to this day.

Newtown Vic 3220 Medium House Prices

( Prices as of October, 2017 )

Newtown 3220 Median House Price: $720,000
Newtown 3220 - 2br Median House Price $567,900
Newtown 3220 - 3br Median House Price $652,500
Newtown 3220 - 4br Median House Price $922,500

Median Rental Prices Newtown Vic. 3220

Average Rent in Newtown Vic. 3220: $395 per week
Avg Rent for 2br Unit/House in Newtown Vic. 3220 $310 per week
Avg Rent for 3br Unit/House in Newtown Vic. 3220 $395 per week
Avg Rent for 4br House in Newtown Vic. 3220 $495 per week

Facts About Newtown, Vic. 3220.

People who live in Newtown: 10,155
Male 48.1%
Female 51.9%
Median Age 40

Number of families living in Newtown: 2,593
Average Children per family in Newtown 1.9
Average People per Household in Newtown 2.5

Residential House Information for Newtown, Vic. 3220.

Number of Private Dwellings/Houses in Newtown: 4,532
Average People per Household in Newtown 2.5
Median Weekly Household Income in Newtown $1,674
Median Monthly Mortgage in Newtown $1,918
Median Weekly Rent in Newtown $300
Occupied Private Dwellings in Newtown: 3,800 88.2%
Unoccupied Private Dwellings 508 11.8%

Seperate Houses in Newtown: 2,906 76.5%
Semi-detached, Terrace House, Townhouses in Newtown: 773 20.3%
Apartments or Flats in Newtown: 101 2.7%
Other Types of Dwellings in Newtown: 6 0.2%

Number of 1br Dwelling/House in Newtown: 187 0.4%
Number of 2br Dwelling/House in Newtown: 783 20.6%
Number of 3br Dwelling/House in Newtown: 1,635 42.9%
Number of 4+br Dwelling/House in Newtown: 1,116 29.3%
Number of Bedrooms Not Stated Dwelling/House in Newtown: 73 1.9%
Average Number of Bedrooms Per Dwelling/House in Newtown: 3.1 --
Average Number of People Per Dwelling/House in Newtown: 2.5 --

Dwellings/Houses Owned Outright in Newtown: 1,432 37.7%
Dwellings/Houses Owned With Mortgage in Newtown: 1,216 32%
Dwellings/Houses Rented in Newtown: 1,051 27.7%
Other Types of Tenurs in Newtown: 23 0.6%
Tenur Type Not Stated in Newtown: 79 2.1%

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