Manifold Heights is a suburb of Geelong.

Manifold Heights, Vic. 3218.

Interesting Facts about Manifold Heights in Victoria, Australia.

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Manifold Heights Vic 3218 – Interesting Facts

Manifold Heights is a western suburb of Geelong  and has neighboring suburbs such as Herne Hill and Hamlyn Heights. People are constantly confused as to where these Geelong western suburbs end and begin.

Manifold Heights Post Office was officially opened way back on 25th March, 1929. It has always been known as the Manifold Post Office however. 

The Manifold Post Office is located at:

Manifold Post Office
110 Shannon Ave, Manifold Heights. Vic. 3218
Phone – (03) 5229 3618

The Postcode of Manifold Heights, Victoria is 3218.

Manifold Heights Vic 3218 Medium House Prices

( Prices as of October, 2017 )

Manifold Heights 3218 Median House Price: $713,750
Manifold Heights 3218 - 2br Median House Price Not Available
Manifold Heights 3218 - 3br Median House Price $619,500
Manifold Heights 3218 - 4br Median House Price Not Available

Median Rental Prices Manifold Heights Vic. 3218

Average Rent in Manifold Heights, Vic. 3218: $340 per week
Avg Rent for 2br Unit/House in Manifold Heights, Vic. 3218 $290 per week
Avg Rent for 3br Unit/House in Manifold Heights, Vic. 3218 $350 per week
Avg Rent for 4br House in Manifold Heights, Vic. 3218 Not Available

Facts About Manifold Heights, Vic. 3218.

People who live in Manifold Heights: 2,649
Male 47.9%
Female 52.1%
Median Age 39

Number of families living in Manifold Heights: 693
Average Children per family in Manifold Heights 1.8
Average People per Household in Manifold Heights 2.5

Residential House Information for Manifold Heights, Vic. 3218.

Number of Private Dwellings/Houses in Manifold Heights: 1,181
Average People per Household in Manifold Heights 2.5
Median Weekly Household Income in Manifold Heights $1,419
Median Monthly Mortgage in Manifold Heights $1,700
Median Weekly Rent in Manifold Heights $270
Occupied Private Dwellings in Manifold Heights: 1,017 90.9%
Unoccupied Private Dwellings 102 9.1%

Seperate Houses in Manifold Heights: 764 75.1%
Semi-detached, Terrace House, Townhouses in Manifold Heights: 127 12.5%
Apartments or Flats in Manifold Heights: 126 12.4%
Other Types of Dwellings in Manifold Heights: 0 0%

Number of 1br Dwelling/House in Manifold Heights: 67 6.5%
Number of 2br Dwelling/House in Manifold Heights: 264 25.7%
Number of 3br Dwelling/House in Manifold Heights: 424 41.3%
Number of 4+br Dwelling/House in Manifold Heights: 256 25%
Number of Bedrooms Not Stated Dwelling/House in Manifold Heights: 15 1.5%
Average Number of Bedrooms Per Dwelling/House in Manifold Heights: 2.9 --
Average Number of People Per Dwelling/House in Manifold Heights: 2.5 --

Dwellings/Houses Owned Outright in Manifold Heights: 317 31.2%
Dwellings/Houses Owned With Mortgage in Manifold Heights: 346 34.1%
Dwellings/Houses Rented in Manifold Heights: 324 31.9%
Other Types of Tenurs in Manifold Heights: 3 0.3%
Tenur Type Not Stated in Manifold Heights: 25 2.5%

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