Geelong West, an inner western suburb of Geelong.

Geelong West, Vic. 3218.

Interesting Facts about Geelong West in Victoria, Australia.

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Geelong West Vic 3218 – Interesting Info & Facts

Geelong West is an inner western suburb of Geelong which is located on the western side of Latrobe Terrace. Geelong West, and up until 1850 was known as Kildare and Little Scotland. The main and most popular street of Geelong West is Pakington Street. “Pako Street” runs from Church Street in the north to west Fyans Street in the south.

Up until 1875 the area currently known as Geelong West was known also as Ashby. This area covered between Aberdeen Street and Church Street. Ashby was specifically referred to as the area bewteen Autumn Street and Waratah Street, Geelong West.

The Geelong West Post Office was originally opened on the 1st July, 1865. However it was replaced and renamed the Geelong North Railway Station in 1886. However on April Fools day, the 1st of April, 1887, the Geelong West Post Office was reopened near its current location.

The Postcode of Geelong West, Victoria is 3218.

Geelong West is notably known as the home of Pakington Street. “Pako Street” is one of Geelong’s best commercial hubs with just about every shop imaginable which caters for everyone. Pako Street also has some of Geelong’s oldest and most well known local Hotels including:

  • The Barking Dog – 126 Pakington Street, Geelong West.
  • The Telegraph Hotel – 2 Pakington Street, Geelong West.
  • The Petrel Hotel – 81 Pakington Street, Geelong West.

“The Pako Festa” which traditionally runs around late February every year is designed to promote Geelong’s cutural diversity and heritage. Pako Festa celebrates everythinfg that makes up the Greater Geelong area including artwork and fashion which is designed by locals in the Geelong region. The Pako Festa attracts 10’s of thousands every year.

Geelong West is also home to some of Geelong’s oldest residential properties and has seen some of the greatest property capital gains over the last couple of decades.

Geelong West Vic. 3218 Medium House Prices

( Prices as of October, 2017 )

Geelong West 3218 Median House Price: $610,500
Geelong West 3218 - 2br Median House Price $514,250
Geelong West 3218 - 3br Median House Price $617,000
Geelong West 3218 - 4br Median House Price $801,000

Median Rental Prices Geelong West Vic. 3218

Average Rent in Geelong West Vic. 3218: $360 per week
Avg Rent for 2br Unit/House in Geelong West Vic. 3218 $320 per week
Avg Rent for 3br Unit/House in Geelong West Vic. 3218 $383 per week
Avg Rent for 4br House in Geelong West Vic. 3218 $420 per week

Facts About Geelong West, Vic. 3218.

People who live in Geelong West: 6,966
Male 47.5%
Female 52.5%
Median Age 35

Number of families living in Geelong West: 1,702
Average Children per family in Geelong West 1.7
Average People per Household in Geelong West 2.2

Residential House Information for Geelong West, Vic. 3218.

Number of Private Dwellings/Houses in Geelong West: 3,479
Average People per Household in Geelong West 2.2
Median Weekly Household Income in Geelong West $1,373
Median Monthly Mortgage in Geelong West $1,617
Median Weekly Rent in Geelong West $295
Occupied Private Dwellings in Geelong West: 2,903 88.3%
Unoccupied Private Dwellings 384 11.7%

Seperate Houses in Geelong West: 2,127 73.7%
Semi-detached, Terrace House, Townhouses in Geelong West: 247 8.5%
Apartments or Flats in Geelong West: 505 17.4%
Other Types of Dwellings in Geelong West: 8 0.3%

Number of 1br Dwelling/House in Geelong West: 212 7.3%
Number of 2br Dwelling/House in Geelong West: 875 30.1%
Number of 3br Dwelling/House in Geelong West: 1,317 46%
Number of 4+br Dwelling/House in Geelong West: 404 13.9%
Number of Bedrooms Not Stated Dwelling/House in Geelong West: 70 2.4%
Average Number of Bedrooms Per Dwelling/House in Geelong West: 2.7 --
Average Number of People Per Dwelling/House in Geelong West: 2.2 --

Dwellings/Houses Owned Outright in Geelong West: 768 26.5%
Dwellings/Houses Owned With Mortgage in Geelong West: 896 30.9%
Dwellings/Houses Rented in Geelong West: 1,149 39.6%
Other Types of Tenurs in Geelong West: 11 0.4%
Tenur Type Not Stated in Geelong West: 77 2.7%

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