Belmont is a southern suburb of Geelong.

Belmont, Vic. 3216.

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Belmont Vic 3216 – Interesting Facts

Belmont is a southern suburb of Geelong which is located on the southern side of the Barwon River. The area was originally inhabited by the Wathuarong people for at least 25,000 years prior to European settlement.

The first European to settle in, what is now known as Belmont, was Dr. Alexander Thomson. He later went on to become the Mayor of Geelong. His homestead was named “Kardinia”.

The Barwon River originally hampered settlement on the southern side of its banks however wooden bridges were later installed which made access alot easier. These earlier bridges were washed away however due to floods. These floods also cause alot of issues to this day.

Most of the main streets and roads throughout Belmont were named after properties from this early settlement era. One of the better known and used Roads in Belmont is “Roslyn Road”. Roslyn Road was named after a track which led to a homestead which was located in the Wandana suburb.

The suburb continued to flourish in the coming decades as land owners begain to subdivide their land into smaller allotments. The Geelong Grammer School was originally a significant holder of land in the Belmont region. However they decided to sell due to the increasing popularity of subdivisions in the greater Belmont Victoria region. Once the Geelong Grammer sold their Belmont land holdings, they purchased land in their current location in Corio.

Belmont is also home to some of the oldest period style homes in the Greater Geelong area. The Belmont area always tends to see greater capital growth due to it’s larger allotments and ammenities. One of the better known shopping strips in the Greater Geelong area is “High Street Belmont”. Homes within walking distance of High Street are always in high demand.

The Postcode of Belmont, Vic is 3216

Belmont Vic. 3216 Medium House Prices

( Prices as of October, 2017 )

Belmont 3216 Median House Price: $471,750
Belmont 3216 - 2br Median House Price $417,500
Belmont 3216 - 3br Median House Price $464,000
Belmont 3216 - 4br Median House Price $510,000

Median Rental Prices Belmont Vic. 3216

Average Rent in Belmont Vic. 3216: $350 per week
Avg Rent for 2br Unit/House in Belmont Vic. 3216 $310 per week
Avg Rent for 3br Unit/House in Belmont Vic. 3216 $350 per week
Avg Rent for 4br House in Belmont Vic. 3216 $400 per week

Facts About Belmont, Vic. 3216.

People who live in Belmont: 14,021
Male 47.9%
Female 52.1%
Median Age 39

Number of families living in Belmont: 3,532
Average Children per family in Belmont 1.8
Average People per Household in Belmont 2.3

Residential House Information for Belmont, Vic. 3216.

Number of Private Dwellings/Houses in Belmont: 6,662
Average People per Household in Belmont 2.3
Median Weekly Household Income in Belmont $1,142
Median Monthly Mortgage in Belmont $1,517
Median Weekly Rent in Belmont $290
Occupied Private Dwellings in Belmont: 5,727 90.7%
Unoccupied Private Dwellings 589 9.3%

Seperate Houses in Belmont: 4.390 76.7%
Semi-detached, Terrace House, Townhouses in Belmont: 1.095 19.1%
Apartments or Flats in Belmont: 60 1.0%
Other Types of Dwellings in Belmont: 168 2.9%

Number of 1br Dwelling/House in Belmont: 318 5.5%
Number of 2br Dwelling/House in Belmont: 1,368 23.8%
Number of 3br Dwelling/House in Belmont: 2.952 51.4%
Number of 4+br Dwelling/House in Belmont: 953 16.6%
Number of Bedrooms Not Stated Dwelling/House in Belmont: 138 2.4%
Average Number of Bedrooms Per Dwelling/House in Belmont: 2.8 --
Average Number of People Per Dwelling/House in Belmont: 2.3 --

Dwellings/Houses Owned Outright in Belmont: 1,937 33.7%
Dwellings/Houses Owned With Mortgage in Belmont: 1,744 30.4%
Dwellings/Houses Rented in Belmont: 1,892 33%
Other Types of Tenurs in Belmont: 35 0.6%
Tenur Type Not Stated in Belmont: 132 2.3%

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